In the desert east of Los Angeles, the three Duke brothers, an ex-cop, an unrepentant criminal and a wily Congressman, come together the week before an election. The politician is in the fight of his life against a charismatic female candidate whose combination of sex appeal and conservative values makes her a formidable opponent. When a murder occurs that threatens to derail all of their lives, the fate of the Duke family hangs in the balance. Darkly comic, it’s a blistering tale from the author of Shining CityThe Bones, and I Regret Everything.


The Angry Buddhist is a great novel. It’s satirical, it’s political, it’s sexual. All the things that I love dearly. Finally, something to come home to.
— Larry David, Creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Angry Buddhist approaches all its characters with reliable misanthropy (not for nothing does Larry David provide this book’s most visible blurb). And its story unfolds with dexterous ease. . . a fine, high-end beach read for this election season.
New York Times
The Angry Buddhist is a wild entertainment as well as a novel about the way we live now that dares to dance with the profound.
Los Angeles Times
A wild social farce.
Los Angeles Review of Books
A smart, funny and dark literary political thriller.
I expect that most readers will have a hard time putting it down.
Jewish Daily Forward a novel aimed at the mainstream market, it really is superb.
Buddhist Book Review