The Hazards Of Good Fortune is a wild and funny page-turner of a novel that grabs you and doesn’t let go. I still have bruises.
— Larry David, Creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm
Recalls the recent fictive universes of Elmore Leonard, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers . . . The Angry Buddhist is a wild entertainment as well as a novel about the way we live now that dares to dance with the profound.
— Richard Raynor, Los Angeles Times
Mr. Greenland writes beautifully. His book is a stitch.
— David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright, on The Bones
Greenland’s fourth novel I Regret Everything proves affecting and funny.
— Carmela Ciuraru, New York Times
Shining City is simply pedal-to-the-metal fun — sassy and knowing and irreverent. If you have room for one entertainment this summer, let Shining City be it.
— Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World
A pitch-perfect setup of Hollywood’s endemic self importance . . . brilliantly acid narrative . . . the book’s pace is fast, furious and fun . . . the pace of this raucous thrill ride never slackens.
Publishers Weekly (starred review) of The Bones