Booklist Review on I Regret Everything

I Regret Everything.
Greenland, Seth (author). 
Feb. 2015. 256p. Europa, paperback, $16 (9781609452476). 
First published December 1, 2014 (Booklist).

by Bridget Thoreson

Although there are many reasons Jeremy and Spaulding should keep apart, a shared love of poetry draws them together. At 33, trusts-and-estates attorney Jeremy has traded many of his literary aspirations for a steady income, but he retains a poetic and generous soul, dashing off $500 checks to charity. His boss’ daughter, 19-year-old Spaulding, is looking to use the power of verse to find her way after a mental breakdown and turns to Jeremy as her guide. Their interactions crackle from the start, and although Jeremy in particular realizes how inadvisable a relationship would be, it proves irresistible. Greenland hits all the right notes for this fledgling romance—attraction, uncertainty, self-consciousness—as the main characters tell the story in distinctive voices. His playful, well-crafted writing captures personality or atmosphere in a few phrases, and the characters’ self-assessments reveal the rich inner lives driving their actions. Their love comes from the mind as much as the heart, in a poignant story of dreams and the way they can crash into the reality of the dreamers.