Shining City




A witty and sexy satire about how contemporary American culture defines right and wrong, good and bad, from the acclaimed author of The Bones.

When good guy Marcus Ripps takes over his black sheep brother’s lucrative dry cleaning business, he has no idea what he’s in for. Before long, he is running one of the most popular escort services in West Hollywood. As the money starts pouring in, he revitalizes his marriage, buys a new Mercedes, and gives his son a bar mitzvah he’ll never forget. But, when his conscience and the law starts to catch up with him, Marcus must decide if his sudden financial windfall is worth all the risk.

A wild, clever, consistently hysterical romp, Shining City is an L.A. adventure that will keep you guessing to the very end.


“This one pretty much hits the zeitgeist G-spot.”
LA Times

“Uproarious… Greenland’s novel is entertaining and intelligent, and packed with enough hooks (and hookers) to keep readers sucked in to the last page.”
Publishers Weekly

“Rarely do novels that are so ruthlessly satiric have such a warm heart. Greenland achieves a deft balance between the preposterous and the plausible.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A wry satire. Greenland keeps the plot racing along, busy juggling his characters and their snappy dialogue. He’s got a clean and often funny style”
Seattle Times

“Greenland effectively maps out a bumpin’ joyride of sex, prostitutes, murder, betrayal, revenge and extravagant bar mitzvahs.”
Philadelphia City Paper

Shining City is simply pedal-to-the-metal fun – sassy and knowing and irreverent. It’s too much of all those things to be pigeonholed as ‘summer reading,’ but if you have room for only one entertainment this summer, let Shining City be it.”
Washington Post Book World

“He’s a satirist who takes glee in the disconnect between our familiar, sunny city and the desperate times in which we live. His tone is infectious. What else can we do but laugh.”
Los Angeles Times Magazine

“It’s like Weeds with sex.”
Penthouse Magazine