“Greenland’s fourth novel proves affecting and funny.”
–Carmela Ciuraru, New York Times
“Seth Greenland navigates writing maze of novels, radio, stage and TV”
Los Angeles Times
I Regret Everything: A Love Story is an intoxicating and ultimately moving modern romance…Greenland’s a skilled satirist who can’t help but pepper the book with wit.”
Los Angeles Review of Books
Television interview with Connie Martinson
On KPCC’s “Take Two” I Regret Everything is one of David Kipen’s picks. Kipen says, “There’s a lot more to Seth Greenland than just screenwriting. He has been first, last and always a novelist….one of those writers who never gets the credit he deserves. And whether it’s because he writes out of LA or because his books tend to be funny, I don’t know.” I Regret Everything on
Jesse Kornbluth of gets personal in this review
Great to see the smart takes these literary bloggers have on I Regret Everything.
BookPage weighs in.
Here’s the LargeheartedBoy
Spotify mixtape I did for I Regret Everything.
“Greenland hits all the right notes….a poignant story of dreams and the way they
can crash into the reality of the dreamers.”
Terrific early review by Booklist.
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